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, is denying it. it doesn't look good now. >> it doesn't. >>> later the mastermind of the embarrassing manti t'eo hoax reveals his true motive. the jaw-dropping details are coming up in "the skinny." you must stay tuned for that. because the details are truly jaw dropping. not to say i didn't call it though. >> you and millions of others. we had this discussion earlier in the week about the, the hoaxer's motives perhaps more questionable than the hoaxee's. what he admitted to dr. phil kind of clears a lot of things up. >> sure does. >> so stay tuned to that for sure. >>> first the killer storms threatening the east coast this morning. after trouncing the south and midwest. two people so far are dead. >> as many as two dozen tornados have touched down. the winds so fast and furious they derailed a freight train in missouri, blowing 50 cars off the tracks. coverage begins with abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: a trail of debris stretching as far as the eye can see in this town about an hour north of atlanta. again, a funnel just crossing the interstate here in adairsville. for 20 minutes an f-2 t
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this half hour, who set out to play an elaborate hoax to embarrass manti te'o. this story has really just shocked everyone. >> that's the question, was he really the victim of a hoax or did he know to kind of benefit from the publicity and the emotion behind the grandmother dying and the girlfriend dying. i have a hard time following the story, but apparently he may not have been the only one duped by this whole catfish scandal. >> it's surprising to believe someone could be duped into thinking they had this girlfriend that they never met. >> most people have met their girlfriends. >>> all the excitement and upset after last night's nfl playoffs. the big celebrations for ravens and 49er fans out there and the two brothers who will be getting so much attention at this year's super bowl. that's right, a family affair down in new orleans in two weeks. >>> first, hundreds of thousands are gathering later today on the nation's front lawn to witness history. >> president obama takes the oath of office in public, delivers his inaugural address then takes to the traditional journey to the white h
his teammates they had to use drugs. >>> the story about the hoax involving manti te'o started with a report on the sports website another story there right now says that even te'o's former notre dame teammates were skeptical about the story of his girlfriend's death but confronted him about it. but still plenty of questions about the whole thing this morning as abc's josh elliott reports. >> reporter: until wednesday afternoon, there were no public questions about the heart or soul of star notre dame line backer manti te'o. a devout mormon hailing from a large, close knit hawaiian family. but it's that heart that school officials and te'o himself say was exploited. >> he's a guy so willing to believe in others and so ready to help. >> reporter: but was te'o really duped into believing that he was having an online relationship. a narrative he was all too willing to share openly and in apparent pain. >> when you have somebody that you talk to every single day, that you sleep with on the phone because she is going through a lot of things, and all of a sudden it's si
? and until manti te'o shares his side of a story that is as bizarre as any i can remember, that's all we're going to have here, questions. josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> such a strange one indeed. and the players who allegedly doubted the story during the season, that is sourced back to a player that didn't want to be identified. >> the very popular unnamed player. >> the unnamed source. >> the family, according to notre dame and the family and the legal team wanted to divulge this information, i believe it was next week. but because got ahold of the story, that's when it was leaked earlier. but what seems fishy now is if he knew this girl was never really existed and he found out truly in early december and perpetuated the story, that's what is suspicious. >> i've got to be honest, i'm over the whole thing. i just want to focus on some football. >> i know, but this is fascinating, too. >> i guess so. it's just embarrassing. i just kind of wince. >> he is one of the best college players in the country and will go high in the draft. >>> we have some jarring video from p
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football star manti te'o. he was seen yesterday in florida where he's been working out ahead of the nfl draft, but te'o remaining silent amid questions whether he's a hoax victim or did he help perpetuate the entire thing. >> why would somebody go to such great lengths to hoax him like this? >> i truly believe he was duped into this fake relationship. >> the associated press says there are two instances which te'o perpetuated that story about his girlfriend's death after he discovered that she never existed. he discovered that in early december and perpetuated in mid-december. >>> and there's a big change at the white house. it's all about the birthday girl. >> that's right. first lady michelle obama turned 49 yesterday and used her new twitter account to tweet this photo showing off her new do. she is sporting some bangs. >> tell me you do observe a difference there, right? >> i do. >> just wanted to make sure. the first lady making no mention of her hot hairstyle, but her followers seem to love it. there are women that can pull off bangs and she certainly can. she looks fabulous. you'
backer manti te'o. it seems his girlfriend and her death were all an elaborate hoax. the news was that his girlfriend died of leukemia. hours after his grandmother passed away, that news broke. now he admits she was an online girlfriend and a private investigation ordered by notre dame confirms that te'o was duped. >> the thing i am most sad of, sad about is -- sorry. that the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust in the same way again in his life. >> a notre dame source tells espn that te'o was not involved in creating the hoax. in a statement, he called the whole thing confusing and incredibly embarrassing. embarrassing to see the least. >> definitely. he called this woman, who he had never met in person. he chatted with her, texted with her, he talked via phone. he called her the love of his life. to have something like this -- you find this out. and think about this, too. the national championship game. he's playing this, and they continue to talk about the death of his grandmother and the emotions he played with after the alleged passi
: the fighting irish stand on history's doorstep thanks in part to senior captain and linebacker manti te'o, the emotional core of the team. earlier this season he lost his grandmother and hours later learned his girlfriend died of leukemia and yet persevered. >> last three years, i sat in my living room, watching the game. i do not want to sit in the living room watching this game. >> reporter: on the other side of the field, a.j. mccaren not just playing for his team but a little girl undergoing treatment for leukemia a little over a year ago. she gave him a bright yellow bracelet inscribed with the words, just trust. he will be wearing it on the field. >> i never take it off. i will always think about her. she is a special girl. >> reporter: so much emotion, so much drama, and so much at stake. josh elliott, abc news, miami. >> and you can watch notre dame take on alabama tonight on espn, 8:00 eastern time. you certainly know which team you will be rooting for. >> go irish! had to get that out! yes! had to get that out! >> whoa, look at that. whoa, sunny. >> i had to get that out. >> w
this morning, the master mind of the manti te'o hoax is breaking his silence. what he's telling a talk show host about the fake girlfriend invented to embarrass the notre dame football player. >> so manti sat down with katie couric. the hoaxster -- >> ronaiah tuisosopo. >> rolls right off the tongue. >> it should be a very interesting -- i think the whole thing raises a lot more questions about the hoaxster than the hoaxee. i don't get it. >>> also, you may never look at the ocean quite the same way after we explain what sneaker waves are. we'll hear firsthand from someone who learned painful lessons about mother nature the hard way. >>> but we begin with sea saw weather hitting a big chunk of the country. record highs one day, biting cold and snow the very next day. >> on top of that, severe storms are battering the south and the midwest. new pictures from east texas show the damaged trees down, trailers flipped over and property damage, as well. there have been three reports of tornadoes overnight. >> winter weather warnings are posted in eight states. our coverage begins with abc's larry
-chilling temperatures. >>> manti te'o will speak out to katie couric this week, as we learn the mastermind behind the dating hoax may come forward. >>> and get ready for the bro bowl.
baseball is now investigating. >>> the mastermind of the hoax that ensnared manti te'o will appear on dr. phil's show tomorrow. the lawyer says tuiasosopo wanted to tell the truth as a way of healing. >> apparently the attorney is denying whether the client decided to play act for te'o or had known him as his real self. >> i think you said earlier, really, i think the big question is why would someone carry it on for so long? yes, maybe you admire this football star and you want to get to know him. but a year? months and months and on the phone for eight hours? >> it's a long way to go for a hoax. we'll see what he tells to dr. phil. >>> an update now on barbara walters. we are happy to report this morning that barbara has been discharged from the hospital and she is recovering. she's getting stronger, of course, after suffering from a bout with chickenpox at home. barbara has been in the hospital since falling at a preinaugural party. >> wonderful news. >> great news here. strong lady at 83, that's for sure. >>> some big-time dedication to her team is the reason why this is our favorite
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)